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Because... and Other Antics

In the absence of sand...

I've never interacted closely with other young children aside from Little L, so everything I know about 3-year-olds comes from my experiences with her. And I have to say, this stage of development is really amusing. 

For instance, I have heard that littles often ask "Why?" much to parents' annoyance. We haven't yet hit that stage (or maybe we already passed it). Instead, we are at the "because..." stage, where Little L likes to provide an unsolicited explanation for nearly everything, applying her own personal brand of reasoning even when it is absolutely nonsensical. She will literally explain herself as she narrates a story. "Percy [the frog] needs to lie down and be covered up with a blanket...because, he bonked his leg on the cliff!" "If we were anteaters, then we would definitely not want to eat funky ants, because then we'd spit up our germs!" "The
sow bug is gonna go home now, because he needs to rest." "We didn't paint the pine cones...because they are still brown!" Clearly, she hasn't consistently figured out how to use
because correctly, but that she is using it so very often with some completely ridiculous rationales is highly entertaining.

Watering our marigolds. Sadly, the plants didn't make it.

Another fascinating recent development has been Little L's sudden penchant for physical touch, specifically big cuddles and kisses. It is without a doubt one of her love languages, plus it seems it's a means for her to communicate her affinity for someone. She will often pretend to be a piglet, squeal "I'm a piggie! I'm a piggie!" and come running at me with arms outstretched, at full preschooler speed. Then, when she has found her home in my arms, she squeezes my face in her hands and plants a succession of forceful closed-mouth kisses on my lips. I've seen her do similar hug-tackles with Hubbs, although he is spared the smooches most of the time. At church, we even witnessed her trying to kiss one of the childcare volunteers on the lips after her successful (first-time-ever) solo stay in the little kids' room; I guess "Nancy" really made an impression as she played with my girl for that hour and a half!
Right before her death grip became a headlock

A third quirk, this one a learned attribute, has been Little L's habit of saying "Sorry, but," because she wants to do something her way and is basically verbally excusing her disobedience and asserting her will. Example: I tell her that it's time to go do X. Her response? "Sorry, but I have to finish playing with Y first, because Y needs to .... " Another example: "Sorry, but I don't want to ..., so I need to do ... instead!". #sorrynotsorry right?! This antic is both annoying and amusing, so sometimes I do let her get away with it.

My point is: the "Troublesome Threes" aren't a cakewalk, and there really are some incredibly trying moments of intentional misbehaviour, meanness, and meltdown (mostly Little L's, but on occasion mine), but there is also so much awesomeness in watching my kid grow and mature and reach new developmental milestones. I *love* that she's sassy and opinionated and bossy and determined and dramatic and talkative. I appreciate her little stubborn self, and am so looking forward to further development and progress.

She loves when her tongue turns blue. It's a thing around here.

This might be my favourite age so far. <3


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