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Bethesda Skincare - a Totally Biased Review

Sometimes I am as subtle as a jackhammer. Today might be one of those times. It's because I am so excited about the soap from Bethesda Skincare! If I don't tell you about it, it will be on my conscience forever.

Okay, so in full disclosure, I did happen to get a few bars gratis, because my friend happens to be in charge of their marketing and product design. That said, I did offer to pay for the soap, because I had every intention of supporting them with my money.

So, what makes Bethesda's bar soaps so amazing that I'm shilling for them? I don't usually write reviews for products unless they are personally awesome sauce in my books, and I only ever write reviews as PSA's to warn you, or to bless you. In this case, I'm doing you a favour by sharing the love. ;)

1) This soap is good for you. 
Have you ever considered that your skin is a living organ? I had not. But when you think about it, soap is meant to be a surfactant of sorts. It takes bad stuff off the top of your skin. However, unlike our kitchen countertops, our skin is also permeable and breathes. This means that stuff that we put on our skin can actually seep through at least the top layer of our dermis and possibly into our bodies. Because of that, it is important to be mindful of what you're putting on your skin.

The Sun and Shield bar is a soap that contains no artificial or toxic products; instead, it is an all-natural formulation that is fortified with moisturizers, essential oils, vitamins and minerals. You are actually taking your vitamins while you shower! Not only that, it also contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which act as a natural sunscreen for your skin. While that isn't a substitute for using actual sunscreen, it certainly is a helpful additional barrier from unwelcome UV rays. I have used the soap to shave, and I have used it on my entire body; I even tried it out on my face to see how it would feel! Verdict: my skin gets appropriately moisturized when I come out of the shower, and I don't have that weird tightness and dryness that sometimes happens after you use bar soap. 

2) This soap is good for literally everyone.
Bethesda's products were designed with the medically fragile in mind. The founder and her family all experienced medical conditions that prevented them from being able to tolerate normal commercial soaps, so she had to get creative for her own needs. From the Baby Pure soap to the Wake Me Up coffee grounds bar, this stuff is safe for every age group, and every person you know, including folks who have serious medical conditions. Little L uses their Baby Pure soap, and so do the little toy penguins that bathe with her :)

Truth be told, I wish my dad was around to enjoy this soap; I would have totally given him bars and bars of the Wake Me Up. He was a total luxury soap aficionado and would have appreciated having a safe, nice-smelling soap to use when his body was dealing with all of that intense chemotherapy. The sister of the company's founder also battled colon cancer, and this was one of Jamie Collins Doss's motivations for developing a product that was truly safe for every kind of skin, including her late sister's.

3) This company is good.
When I think of ethical companies, I can't name too many. Most cut corners and have profit as their bottom line motivation. Bethesda's goals are more noble; how many other companies can you think of that actually give away their products for free? The Melanie Policy of Bethesda Skincare offers a free bar of soap to every cancer patient who writes to them. That's pretty amazing, right? Not only that, but the company also donates 10% or more of their profits to various charitable organizations around the world.

If you're like me, you probably love what this company stands for and is doing, but have a natural preference for liquid soap or body wash. Trust me, I have bottles of the stuff sitting on my shower caddy as we speak. I would go back to using them if I was out of soap, but my bar is lasting a really long time, which isn't a complaint. If anything, it has given me pause to consider just how much liquid soap I use and waste when I actually do use the stuff. I mean, a bottle usually lasted me a month...maybe. I would try to dispense a small puddle onto my hand or my bath sponges, but inevitably I'd end up squeezing too hard and spilling some of it down the drain. I'm no water treatment expert, but surely that can't be good for our world to have so much wasted and spilled liquid soap in our water! With a bar of soap, you can't really "waste" it as readily unless you're leaving the bar to steep in your bath water. I've been using mine for over a month (I have about half to two-thirds of a bar left to go), and my Bethesda soaps have been good about not drying and cracking; their undersides also haven't turned to mega mush in my soap dishes. Quality!

Anyway, these soaps are available for purchase online at, which is an American site billing in USD. If you're in the Lower Mainland, however, you are in luck! My friend will be participating in the Lower Mainland Vendors' Christmas Event at the Yaletown Roundhouse Community Centre on Sunday, Nov. 27 from 11:00am-4:00 pm, and you can buy the bars there. She may be a cash-only table, however, so please bring $ when you come to this free event (that will also involve 40 other local artists and vendors)!

As with most products, you have to try it out to really fall in love with it. At $5-8/bar, don't you owe it to yourself to give Bethesda soap a try, and support a business with heart? It's good for everyone, and it won't break your bank. You won't regret it. :)


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